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the little aviator airplane plush

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the little aviator airplane plush

Avi, the Little Aviator, is a favorite among babies all over the world. Thanks to his big smile and friendly eyes, he’s an easily recognizable face. Your baby loves to see Avi on shirts and bibs, and now your little one has the chance to play with him thanks to this Little Aviator airplane plush.

This soft plush features the likeness of the same Avi that your baby has come to know and love. It’s made from soft materials that make it safe for your baby to play and sleep with.

However, its softness isn’t the only trait that makes this Avi plush a great toy for your baby. It doesn’t have any pieces that can be easily removed, such as eyes. Such details are embroidered, so there’s no chance of your little one pulling them off.

This plush is the perfect companion for your baby. It’s of high quality, so it can stand up to any adventure that it goes on with your little one

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