The Little Aviator

The Story of The Little Aviator

We are Kristina and Benjamin, and we are excited to help your children and your entire family feel as excited about traveling as we do! Our interest in traveling grew through our adventure-loving families and through our personal travels. Because we both come from multicultural families, this interest was planted in both of us from very young ages. Each of our parents came from different countries and made their homes in a third foreign country. As children, we both learned multiple languages.

Benjamin and Kristina

Traveling to a variety of countries around the world has become a passion for both of us. This interest was fanned into flames as children, it grew as we became adults and it multiplied further after we met. Our regular trips for work as well as our personal travels as a couple have let us discover and learn more about beautiful countries and cultures, celebrate cultural traditions from around the world and share all of the excitement of our travels with our family and friends.

In addition, our love of travel has given us the passion to pass this travel bug on to the next generation. Many children of all ages stay close to home, never realizing the excitement and educational opportunities that they could find in another country. Some children are even nervous about traveling, not knowing what they will find away from home and feeling concerned about meeting the unknown.

To help cure these nerves and give children a zest for learning about the unknown and traveling with their family and friends, we have lovingly created Avi, the little aviator.

The Little Aviator

Avi will travel wherever your family goes and will show even your littlest travelers how to have fun while away from home. He will create exciting adventures, help them explore and give them the courage to face the unknown without fear. This little ambassador can bring the world to children or expose kids to everything they’ve ever dreamed of. He shows children how to have fun while traveling and embrace the unknown.

Avi is a cheeky little airplane who already knows a bit about the world. This makes him the perfect traveling companion and allows him to help kids in many ways:

  • Redirecting children’s attention to something fun.
  • Helping children learn more about the flight as well as the destination.
  • Calming nervous children enough to enjoy themselves.
  • Sharing experiences and making them feel more comfortable in new places.
  • Encouraging diverse, open thinking, allowing them to embrace the unknown.

Avi, the little Aviator, will always take care of my pals whether they’re on a trip or at home.

The Little Aviator in the clouds

Our cute aviator is ready to help bring the fun of flying and of travel in general to the next generation. He is designed to be a loving and loyal friend throughout the years and can help you teach your children about travel while still at home, open their eyes to new lands and embrace the changes that are a part of short trips or longer travels.

While Avi is particularly useful when you are out and about, we have also designed this little aviator friend as a companion your children can rely on while still at home. Children will be able to see the joys and excitements of the world through Avi’s eyes, helping them reduce and even eliminate many fears.

We invite anyone who is interested in traveling to learn more about Avi and to follow along on our little aviator’s adventures. Avi is the perfect resource whether you are a parent, grandparent, guardian, aunt, uncle or close family friend. He can help children of all ages to appreciate the world around them and too long for long-distance adventures. Consider using Avi for home education, as a unique gift or as a weekly or monthly family adventure. Our platform was created with a wide range of ages and uses in mind.

We offer a wide array of baby and kids products that feature Avi, including books, high-quality organic baby clothing and more. Each of these products will help every member of your family follow along with Avi’s latest adventures while dreaming of new journeys around the globe. Consider a thoughtfully selected Avi-themed organic bodysuit or romper for your baby or organic sleeping bag or shirt for your older child. Every product we offer is made of the highest-quality materials to pro-vide years of safe fun. In addition, each item puts a premium on accurate information designed to teach children more about the world.

Whether your child already loves to travel, has never traveled before or deals with anxiety before flights, Avi is the perfect solution. Avi can come along on your next adventure, comforting your child and adding even more excitement to your travels. With today’s flourishing aviation industry, Avi is the smart and thoughtful resource for your child.