The Little Aviator

Get to know more about The Little Aviator’s production line

For us, Kris and Ben, creating the perfect line of baby and kids’ garments is a significant undertaking. We make every effort to become a groundbreaking baby and kids’ trademark. We want to merge fun with high-quality items that both parents and children can enjoy. Thankfully, that’s what our Avi, the Little Aviator, best organic baby clothes brand delivers.

Being the right baby and kids' garment producer for you

With so many suppliers of products for babies and kids out there, how do you choose the right brand? We know how important it is for parents to find a company that not only offers high-quality goods but is also committed to doing the right thing. We strive to put the well-being of parents and kids first. As such, our goal is to produce high-quality items that you can rely on. In addition, we use ethical practices when making our products and strive to be the best organic baby clothes brand.

Our pledge to do the right thing makes our company stand out above the rest. We have taken good care to make sure that our clothing line is made of high quality and organic materials that are ethically sourced. With Little Avi, we have been personally involved in the manufacturing process to ensure that it meets our standards.

best organic baby clothes brand

All of our clothing products are GOTS certified

When you buy from us, you know that you’re buying products that are 100% Global Organic Textile Standard certified. This standard was developed through a collaboration of industry leaders with a mission to ensure and verify the organic status of textiles. From the harvest of raw materials to how the materials are manufactured, GOTS adds credibility to textile manufacturers that claim their items are organically sourced.

What does this mean for you and your child? It means that our products are all made ethically in a factory that doesn’t use child labor or discriminate against its workers. The factory offers fair wages and safe working conditions as well.

Also, it means that the cotton used in our factory that makes the clothes is all organic and grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. The process of converting this raw material into a textile is done with low-impact chemicals that are better for the planet. With a GOTS certification on all of our products, you can rest assured that the items you buy from us meet your social and ecological criteria.

Our clothing production with minimal ecological footprint

We’re proud to say that we work with talented and nice people who care about the products they make for your love and passion.

We believe in doing the right thing for the planet, which is why the factory runs on solar panels and uses 91% less water than a traditional textile production factory. On top of that, it ensures that our Avi clothing and toy line is 100% organic and that our packaging is too. We are one of the best organic baby clothes brands in the UAE. Everything is completed in the factory, so the end-to-end production of our Avi goods involves:

  • Organic cotton arriving at the factory.
  • Producing thread and fabric.
  • Dying the fabric.
  • Performing ecological screen printing.
  • Stitching to create the goods.
  • Checking and packaging items individually.
Cotton field agriculture, fresh organic natural life

Little Avi's visit at the production line

When we visited the factory, we took Avi, the Little Aviator, with us. We wanted him to see the factory firsthand. He marveled at the size of the factory and its eco-friendly nature. Avi was pleased to see how his baby and kids’ clothing was made.

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