The Little Aviator

Hi! I’m The Little Aviator, but everyone calls me Avi.

I’m a little airplane who loves to explore. Whether I’m jetting off to new lands or accompanying kids as they investigate their own backyard, I infuse everything I do and everyone I meet with a love of curiosity. I’m always looking at the world with my eyes wide open so that I don’t miss a thing. Travelling is so special, and I know that better than anyone.

Do you have a little explorer in your life? Whether you’re a parent, godparent, aunt, uncle or grand-parent, you can expose your little one to the expansive world around them with my help. I’m eager to discover new opportunities, meet new people and spread joy.

Whether kids take me with them to school, pack me in their backpacks on road trips or cuddle me on their next flight, they’ll enjoy having a buddy who is as excited about exploring as they are.

One of the best things that people like about me is that I’m happy with anyone’s company. I’m a friendly little guy, and I love everyone. I just want to make new connections and be there for my friends. I’m the best travel companion that you’ll ever have.

I have traveled extensively and can help kids feel comfortable in new settings. Kids love knowing that they have someone supporting them wherever they go. They might whisper to me when they’re worried about flying or feeling lonely in a new place. They can pose for selfies with me. I love sharing their wonder.


One of the things that I love the most is hearing about my friends’ journeys. When I travel with little ones, I encourage them to use all of their senses to experience the world. I’ll point out the amazing things that I see. Look at that cloud! Check out that castle! Look at the view from the top of the mountain!

Whether you’re hiking through a forest, trekking through the desert, visiting a new city or just heading out in your hometown to do something a little different, I always want to go along.

Kids love me because I can stay up as late as I want, don’t need my teeth brushed before I go to bed at night and am not picky about trying new foods when I travel. I’m pretty laid back.

Grownups are big fans because I travel for free. I help kids feel secure when they go to sleep in a strange bed, and I’m always there to join them on their new adventures when they wake up in the morning.

Many children want to take a special friend along when they travel. However, it can be hard to decide which stuffed toy or important item is the best one for the trip. I’m a great option. I have a lot of experience and can give kids a boost of confidence.

When you arrive at your destination, I’ll make myself right at home. I’ll join you on walks, play cards with the family at the end of a long day, and even sleep on your pillow if you want me to.

No matter how complicated your journey gets, I will stay calm and collected. I’m unflappable even though I have wings to fly.

baby in nature

I give children a chance to spread their own wings. I can be their trusty companion at home and away. When kids are starting a new school, making friends, dealing with distress or having trouble with their homework, I’m there for them. I’m the least selfish friend that your little one will ever have.

Do you want to get to know me better?

You can follow my adventures through media, books and other products. I will also follow you wherever you go. Everyone is invited to pal around with me.

I would also love for you to meet my parents, Benjamin and Kristina. This loving couple has a multicultural family background. Their parents came from different countries and lived internationally. When Benjamin and Kristina got together, they realized that they spoke eight different languages. They were able to communicate with each other in English, the one language that they shared.

Their worldly backgrounds brought them together in more ways than one. The couple has a passion for traveling. When they met, this appetite expanded, and they connected even more deeply by seeing the world through each other’s eyes.

Every trip was like a new beginning that brought Mom and Dad closer together. As they experienced different cultures and learned about unique traditions, my parents realized that they didn’t want to keep their passion for themselves. They needed to share their love of travel. They wanted everyone to experience the thrill and fulfillment of adventuring.

To pass along their curiosity and thirst for adventure to future generations, I, Avi the little Aviator, was born. The idea started out simply when my parents were scouring an airport to find an aviation-themed baby present. It was next to impossible to find something like this of decent quality. Even at the airport, there wasn’t much to choose from.

First Sketch Colored
Final Avi Logo

That’s when they came up with the idea to create an aviation-themed baby and kids’ clothing line. But they needed a logo for the brand. During the design process, they birthed little me. I started out as an adorable cartoon airplane, but they quickly realized that I have a personality all my own. I was so radiant and happy that my parents breathed even more life into me, developing a stuffed toy that they could bring on their travels.

And travel they did. They journeyed with me, taking photos and blogging about me. Whenever we would meet children, the kids would fall in love with me. (What can I say? I’m adorable!)

On a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, our fellow travelers wanted to take turns hanging out with me. Mom and Dad aren’t the only ones to get goosebumps from their excitement surrounding me and everything that I stand for. The people that we meet on our trips gush about all of the things that I represent.

Grand Canyon

Now, it’s time for you to meet me in person.

I’m not just for kids either. I’m a great travel companion for people of all ages. When you bring me along with you, I’m sure to start conversations. Connect with people across the globe by making friends with me.

I can promise you this: I will always bring a smile to your face. I’m ready for whatever you have planned for me. I may even encourage you to make discoveries that you didn’t know were possible. With me, you can feel the freedom of flying, trekking and traveling. You’ll have a constant companion that fills you with joy and laughter while giving you the self-assurance to seek your own path, whether that’s across the globe or in your own backyard.

Like me, be brave. Follow the path less taken or choose the frequent flyer route. Whatever you do, this little aviator will be there to support you.